forewarning: this is a wordy one. I won’t get my feelings hurt if you glaze over all my excessive blabber.

Hi. Sitting here in my freshly cleaned room with a lemon mint candle burning and class is done for the day. Happy, happy, happy. Had a fantastic weekend and this week hasn’t been to shabby either:

Let me start with this (tiny) tid bit of excitement. Friday, we had studio day in my Creative Writing class, since our fiction pieces were due that evening at five. Fiction is hard. I’m bad at it. To avoid coming to terms with my poor fiction skills, I checked my Webcourses (aka school email, which I rarely look at). I found this from my Theory of Creative Writing teacher regarding my memoir piece I had turned in the week prior.

The Reading Room isn’t anything special, it’s just like an online database of student work my professor liked. But I was totes excited about it and texted my Mom who was all, “my baby is so talent, I’m gonna cry.” Submitted my (poorly written) fiction piece by five PM, but I wasn’t even thinking about it ’cause my other professor liked my other work and that’s all that mattered. Side note: at 4:58 I decided to rewrite my ending and kill all my characters in my fiction piece. I told you – I’m not good at this.

My Vietnamese food obsession is still in full swing and I take any excuse to eat pho tai. So I grabbed some Friday night and went to Kent’s, where I found him cleaning the floor like this.

Calm down animal right’s obsessers, I joke. Deafcat is just too easy to tease play with.

Saturday morning Kent’s Dad & Nanny came up for the weekend. Kent graduates May 2nd, (15 days from now!) and he needed some adult clothes. Point and case: Kent went suit shopping in basketball shorts. Adult clothes are needed. We grabbed tacos at Jimmy Hulas (yum) and went to the Mall of Millennia in pursuit of big kid clothes. Kent’s dad just got “the latest new age technology” and I’m pretty sure a combined two hours of this weekend were devoted to Kent explaining how to use the phone. It was really cute. The Blossers are good people and they’re really fun to be around, it was like hanging out with an older version of Kent. (Which is confusing: because Kent’s dad is also named Kent. So the older version of Kent… is Kent.)

Me being me, I took roughly 173 pictures of the suit pursuit. Haha, suit pursuit. To the left is Kent teaching Kent (kentception) how to use his new finagled technology.

So, many hours, an ice cream break, and an Ikea trip later… we were done shopping. It was Papa Blosser’s birthday (what I call him, because calling him Kent, and my Kent, Kent.. is too much) so we munched and had beer (they did, I’m a lowly 20 year old) at Buffalo Wild Wings and then met up with Cory for dinner at California Pizza Kitchen. Side note: the California Club pizza there is tha bomb. So. Delicious.

Side note: it’s just not right to glaze over an Ikea trip. It was my first one and I just about drooled on myself. It was so cool. Also: sorry for the photo bomb of Kent. He just happens to find his way into everything I took this weekend.

Kent² at Sunday morning breakfast, matching and in the midst of a phone lesson. 
Exam week is next week, and I’m working 32 hours… obviously feeling adventurous. I kinda haveta get on that now, updates on my sanity to come.