Sometimes, class gets cancelled. This forces me to adventure about campus and be a little more productive than I planned on being.

Highlight of my expedition: Millican Hall has a huge window that overlooks the reflection pond. With chairs. Comfy chairs. So I sat there with some (free) coffee and read my new book, Back to Blood by Tom Wolfe.

Three weeks ago, I was miserable every morning when my alarm went off at 8:30. I hated getting up early, my body was in the ‘up until 4 AM and sleep all day’ pattern. But now, my internal clock has adjusted and I see why society gets up early in the morning. I’ve gotten so much more done in the past few weeks; I squeeze my work outs in before class /work, actually eat breakfast and lunch, and I’m getting all (not some) of my homework done. Haaaay Kate!
watch a little clip of it here
I was walking to Astronomy today and ran into these guys singing Queen, &
a bunch of other songs. It was like something you’d see in a movie, not real life. 
I’m usually pretty good with writing down important dates… and I let Grade Forgiveness deadline slip past me. 
So, I’m petitioning for it and it entails lots, and lots, of paperwork. 
Obsessed. I’m not good at it, but I’m obsessed. 
There is nothing good to say about Astronomy, other than it’ll be over in three weeks. 
Even more obsessed with this than crocheting.
 My third bowl in a week. 
aaaaand now I’m gonna go take a bath and be lazy for the night, 
since I have to be at work by seven tomorrow morning :(