In typical Mullen fashion, we had no idea what we were doing for Easter until the last minute. They were going to come to me, then we were gonna do this, but maybe that. I ended up coming home Saturday morning for the weekend.
The ultimate car companion, Perrier.
As soon as I walked in the door I was verbally attacked by Libby, telling me to put on my bathing suit. We were going jetskiing.
I have a healthy fear of all machines. Cars. Boats. Jetskis.
If I wanted to drive it, I’d need a boaters license since I was under 25.
Since I was (secretly) terrified to drive one, I opted to hang on for dear life while my Dad navigated.
We rented a jetski from an older man with skin so dark and leathery it reminded me of a horse’s saddle. You could tell he never left the ocean, his hands had a layer of salt caked on. (said man is on the left.. salty, no?) Anyway, Mom went to the beach, probably because the idea of Dad’s driving scared her.
Since Libby thought this was a sufficient way to hold on, she found herself in the water. 
Nobody enjoyed it more than my Dad though, when our hour was up he kept asking us, 
“Ya sure you guys don’t wanna go another hour? Ya sure? I mean, we can do another hour.” 
 Now I’m back in Orlando, cranking out my last month of classes. My Vietnamese food obsession is slowly but surely growing, Kent and I went last night and I ate a bowl of pho bigger than my head.
& my newest time keeper: crocheting. I discovered amigurumi a few weekends ago and I’ve been determined to learn how to crochet ever since. Got myself a 6 mm and a 5 mm hook and I’m pushing through the tedious process of getting the hang of it. 
A picture I proudly sent my Momma yesterday morning after getting more than a chain stitch going. Faaaar ways to go, ladies and gentleman, but it’s something. 
ok now time for Reese’s easter eggs. bye.