A few weeks ago, I wrote about how I was considering transferring to UF for their public relations program. However, things have changed!

Basically: when you transfer to a Florida university, they accept a maximum of 60 credits, and you loose the rest. Ya girl will have 84 the end of this semester.. That’s loosing an entire year of classes :(! But, I wasn’t getting into my public relations program at UCF and didn’t think I had any other options.

BUT! Yesterday afternoon I had a meeting with the Interdisciplinary Studies department and I have exciiiiting (and terrifying) news.

I graduate. In a year. One. Year. Guys.

I have to take forty eight credit hours maximum, so if I go the long route I’ll stay until Summer 2014 or if I keep it short, I’m out next Spring!

How am I graduating so quickly? When I dual enrolled in high school (seeeriously recommend it) all my courses transferred perfectly! So I came into UCF with a year of credits under my belt. So after meeting with this saint of a woman in the IDS department, I have a plan! I’ve been crazy stressed out, being in limbo about where the hell I was going and what I was doing.

Interdisciplinary Studies is a magical major for those indecisive people out there.. Like me. You have two areas of concentration and one minor. I chose Communications and Commerce as my areas of study and my minor is going to be Creative Writing. If I feel adventurous, my commerce area will become a Marketing minor. Depends on if I’m itching to graduate or not, though.

Anyways, there is my life plan for the next year. Guarantee there will be a post in the following months about my bottomless anxiety about being a real adult in a year from now. Eeeek!

I’ll leave you all with some of Libby’s snapchats she’s graced my phone with lately.