I have commitment issues with writing blog posts. I get all excited about something during my day and tell myself to blog about it when I get home… and then I get sucked into other stuff. Important stuff. So that’s what we’re gonna talk about today, boys and girls. Important stuff. Like a State of the Union for Kate.

1. Girls / New Girl
Let me start by saying I have never been much of a TV kinda girl. I don’t watch certain shows every Thursday and get excited TV shows. I just don’t. However, as of last Thursday, I fell in love. I started watching Girls on some weird ‘watch tv online and I’ll give you viruses in return’ website; and it’s worth tha viruses. I finished all twenty episodes in > 7 days and I’m not even ashamed. Anyway, I scoured the internet but wasn’t able to find concrete proof that Season 3 is happening. If by some stroke of wrath God doesn’t allow it to reach Season 3… I have New Girl. I started watching it tonight and I’ve lol’d multiple times. Plus Zooey Deschanel is super cute.

2. Easter Weekend
I’m going home to see my family tomorrow morning! Everytime I go home my Mom kinda holds me at arm’s length and examines me, like I’m going to have lost/gained 10 pounds since I saw her three weeks ago. So I try and look presentable and brush my hair when I go home, so as not to give my Mom a heart attack. I type this as I wait for my hair straightener to heat up, I’m heading home eaaarly tomorrow morning and there’s no way I’m getting up to look presentable. So, I’m straightening my hair at one in the morning on a Friday night/Saturday morning. I get out a lot.

3. Pho
Um, why wasn’t I informed about this Vietnamese delicacy? I was sitting in bed tonight feeling lazy and I knew my food supplies would require a Triscuit for dinner kinda night, so I ordered food. Vietnamese food. And it was so damn good. It’s so intimidating to order foreign food via telephone, I’m talking to a woman who doesn’t really have a strong hold on English and I’m stumbling through ordering ‘pho tai’ .. it’s stressful. Anyway, it’s delicious.

Okay. My straightener is probably burning a hole through my (plastic?) counter. Baaaaai.

This song kinda makes me feel like a badass when I listen to it. Is that lame? It’s lame.