I don’t lug my big ole’ camera with me wherever I go, too darn big.
 So you can see my weekend through the random pictures I took on my iPhone.
Shameless selfie from Friday morning, I didn’t have class until 12:30 so I actually brushed my hair for once. Yay Kate. 

Suffered through Astronomy by snapchatting Libby the whole time. She got that farmer’s tan from sailing I think…
the Libz is so much more adventurous than I was when I was in eighth grade. 
I keep telling myself that I’ll pay attention in class instead of teaching myself all the material in two days before the test, but I did pretty darn well on my last test,
so I think that proves that I’m a pretty darn good teacher. 
Delicious cookie I ate for lunch. Hooray, nutrients. 
Mom is on this trip planning bender and she’s got Disney on the brain. FINE. BY. ME. I love Disney, I love Disney… I love Disney. I went for my 19th birthday last year for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas but I haven’t been since and I’m kinda itching for a Magic Kingdom visit. Granted, I’ll be surrounded by the obnoxious French tourists who you can spot a mile away because they’re the only culture that condones men wearing capris… but that’s okay. Because it’s Disney. Plus, the UCF Ticket Center gives them to you for almost $30 off, which is a pretty sweet deal too :) 
Dad gets jealous when I tell my Mom stuff first or I forget to call him and tell him. So cute. 
& then there’s this text I got in Statistics lab that literally made me laugh out loud. 
Mainly because I was laughing at my own joke. I’m punny, guys. 
I’m TOTALLY obsessed with the show Girls. I’ve been watching it online and I’ve gone through the entire first season and I’m on episode 5 of the second. I started watching… three days ago. Can’t. Help. Myself. Not sure how people survived when they had to wait an entire week for a new episode, I’d much rather wait for the show to air and then spend two reclusive days watching it all. So here’s me and Kent sitting on the couch last night while he watched Wildboyz and I watched Girls. Obsessed. 
Panorama A: the reflection pond since my Monday class was cancelled
Panorama B: Kent’s room, note the “DIY” curtains. Boyz. 
& finally this picture of Kent and I brushing our teeth.
I was attempting to get a picture of this absolutely horrifyingly hilarious face that he makes when he’s brushing his teeth. Instead, I got tha death glare. Take what you can get.
Hope y’all had spectacular weekendz!
I’m so, totally, obsessed with this song. Can’t help it. Won’t help it. ‘Bout to study for Statistics with this on repeat. Bye!