Hi! The misery of my astronomy test is over with! Now, I can let my mind breathe and not be constantly reminding myself about Keplar’s 2nd law and how Tycho Brahe helped him discover it. When you sign up for a class like Astronomy, you don’t expect all this mathematical nonsense to be wrapped up inside it. I just wanted to look at stars, guys.

Here’s Kent quizzing me on Astronomy stuff until my eyes fell out. 

I slept like a rock last night, passed out and completely slept through four alarms and my first two classes of the day. (sorry Mom.) So after a test and a gym sesh, I ate a deeelicious turkey sandwich from Subway and took the longest shower known to man. Equipped with Sister Hazel radio and lemon water, I’m going to completely loose myself in my new Patricia Cornwell book. Side note: her books that I’m reading were published in the late 80’s and early 90’s. I finally caught on when I realized the police officers and medical examiners were smoking in their offices and while dismembered bodies.

But first, some stuff I’ve read the last few days that’s worth mentioning:

Nomi Leasure I initially followed Nomi on twitter (@nomilea) because she was (is?) Mac Miller’s girlfriend. Besides being ‘one of those rappers girlfriends’ shes an incredible writer. I sit and drink up her blog, naturalbornliar.tumblr.com, whenever I have more than five minutes. This article she wrote for Anne of Carversville touches on catcalling and brutal sexual assaults that victimize the women in Egypt on a daily basis. Read.

James Seevakumaran Monday morning I had to be at work for training at nine o’clock. As I was walking through the parking garage, a guy passing by stopped me, and asked, “Are you going to campus?” and I was kinda weirded out. Is this guy trying to offer me a ride to campus? I told him I was, and he told me campus was shut down and the buses weren’t running. I didn’t even think twice. Texted my boss, hopped back in bed, and passed out until 10:30.

When I woke back up I had texts from both my parents asking what was going on. I figured if my parents knew something was happening then it must be decently big. Checking KnightNews I saw they’d found a body in Tower 1, which is right next to where I used to work at Jimmy Johns. The whole background of the situation is outlined in the article, and it still kind of makes my stomach turn.

Realistically, anywhere at anytime someone could turn an ordinary Monday into a nightmare. But when you hear about Sandy Hook, Aurora, Columbine, it’s shocking – but it’s far away. It’s somewhere other than where I live. Where I go to school. Where I walk around everyday. This all transpired in the middle of the night Sunday and Tower 1 wasn’t opened back up to residents until late in the day Monday… but classes were resumed at noon. We cancel classes for football games, but not when there was a suicide and a plan to attack and kill students? Priorities, UCF.

TJ Lane In light of everything that went down on Monday here at UCF, this makes my skin crawl a little extra. After killing three students last summer, he pleaded guilty to three counts of murder. Today when he was sentenced to three consecutive life sentences, he laughed. Not sure where people like him come from or why they are the way they are, but it terrifies me to think that I walk the streets with people like this. My kids will walk the streets with people like this.

Now I have to relax from all this with my book and Oreos.