I started a new job last week (eeeek!) and so far I like it. I left Jimmy Johns at the end of last semester because I was taking five classes and I wanted to give myself the room to prioritize and not stress over a job. In reality, I was bored as hell not having a job. I like having a schedule, places I have to be and a sense of responsibility. So I’m working in the Student Union at a place called Corner Cafe and I’m going to start training at Joffrey’s Coffee soon, too.

When you have eight hours with the same person in a small space, you get to know the other pretty quick. My manager was asking about my hobbies, a question I always dread. I’m not sporty, I’m not into anything unique and conversation inducing. (One of the guys I work with has played backup bass for Lady Gaga!) So I told him what I always say, I like to read and I like to write. When the words leave my mouth I see the gears start to click in their head, “oh this girl is boring. She knits and bakes pies for fun.” (Both of which, I do enjoy – for the record).

It’s not often I meet someone who gets as excited about reading as I do. Reading is pretty damn enthralling, you open a book and you’re swallowed into an alternate reality, a different world. You meet characters and grow attached, cheer for them when they triumph and hurt when they fail. When you shut your book, you cross back over into the real world. You could call me an adventurer, I just choose to find my adventure on a page than in a video game or in the woods. Reading a good book can make four hours fly by, and they’re always more satisfying than a night spent in a bar.

I think elementary and middle school scars us as readers, suffering through English classes that teach you how to read and how to interpret a sentence, but don’t teach us how to enjoy reading. There’s so many books spreading so many genres and topics, I challenge someone to say they will never find a book they will like.

Just thoughts. Not trying to beat anyone with my library card.

PS. Just read a Patricia Cornwell called Body of Evidence and it was delicious.