In high school, Sunday nights were one of my favorite times of the week. Everybody was in the house, bellies full of dinner, television steady in the background. There was that kinda feeling that you get the night before a vacation, but duller. Knowing you can’t stay up until the crack of dawn watching Netflix and responsibility awaits the next day. I’m getting that kinda feeling now, except it’s a Saturday night and I don’t have class at 7:30 tomorrow morning. In fact, I’ll (hopefully) never have a 7:30 class again. Maybe it’s sitting in my old bedroom, painting my nails and reading blogs; my Sunday night rituals. Who knows.

I’m back to Orlando tomorrow morning + spent my evening shopping with my Maj. The best kinda shopping – for clothes, followed by my favorite thing to do – grocery shop. Am I the only one who finds walking up and down aisles and mentally planning my meals for the week kinda relaxing? Weekly chore I don’t ever see myself getting bored of.

Now that I’ve rattled on about everything else, here’s what has caught my eye this week and I’ve loved.

you are my wild – the blog is updated weekly by fourteen photographers. It’s their children through their eyes; they capture the simplest moments that envelope everything I associate with childhood.

city ballpit – A random ball pit is set up in the middle of a city. 

Sweet Misery – I came across a Facebook post about a woman who suffered from aspartame poisoning – the first I had ever heard of such. This ninety minute movie takes a look into how dangerous aspartame really is and the effects it has on us. Not sayin’ you should put down your Diet Coke, but look into it.

Disappeared – I found this show on Netflix and I’m obsessed. Anything from Investigation Discovery is an automatic watch for me, and I found just about every episode on YouTube. This one was the very first one I watched + it’s kinda eerie :o

The Lost Party – I’ve been following Ashley Mae‘s process of creating and publishing her first children’s book and she got all her funding needed a couple weeks ago. There’s a few excerpts from her book and her artwork is fantastic. Mom is thinking about ordering it for her classroom.

Finally, a picture of my Pop Pop that I ran across this weekend

thas all for now