I’m home! I’ve been in the glorious Palm City for almost a week now and I’ll be back in Orlando by Sunday morning. Not exactly sure where I’m going with this post, so I’ll just start with one and keep going until I’m out of things to blither about.

1. Kent // Samurai
Here’s Kent brushing his teeth the night before we left for home. He’s always super thrilled when I decide to make his daily activities a photo shoot. There’s easily another two dozen photos like this.

“Kate why are you still taking my picture”

“Kate stop taking my picture and come watch TV”
We’ve been watching Samurai Champloo recently. Disclaimer: I’m not an anime watcher. It’s not really something I’ve ever been interested in, but this show is pretty good. Plus, it’s on Netflix. Can’t go wrong with that. Kent has been a good sport about my recent Netflix craze and has watched almost every episode of Stalked, Disappeared, Solved, and every other series from Investigation Discovery that is available. Basically, if it’s creepy and involves murder/rape/stalkers, it’s for me. Once I exhausted all my eerie TV shows Kent said Samurai was worth a watch, and I knocked out 8 episodes in one sitting. It’s good. 
2. Libby//Longboard

Being a token thirteen year old girl, Libby’s obsession switches from week to week. 
The past few weeks (serious obsession y’all) has been her longboard. 

Before these were taken, Libby shamelessly told me “I like having my picture taken. Now c’mon.” Can’t hate a girl for bein’ honest. There have been multiple attempts to get me on the longboard. Ha, thank you, but no. I value my kneecaps, the skin on my elbows, and the bones in my body in one piece. Coordination has never been, and never will be, my thing. 
Would it be asking too much if I just wanted a nice picture with my littlest sister?
I swear she’s cute and actually smiles. Sometimes.
Also: ignore the Cher hair. Middle parts are not my thing, either. 

3. Sarah

My sister is the bomb dot com. 
All the sudden she’s seventeen and almost a senior in high school :o 
Every time I’m home I think to myself, “Thank God I’m not an only child.” It’s like having a best friend who lives in your house. A second closet at your disposal. Someone who’s weird and claps when I burp at the dinner table. Gross, but true. Anyway, being home makes me appreciate my sisters. Even if every time we get in the car it’s a battle over who’s music plays. Still the bomb. 
4. Gainesville
The idea of living in Gainesville gets more and more appetizing every day. Not that I don’t love you, UCF, I do. (side note: I have a job interview at UCF on Monday. Haaaay!) I just want to know what’s going on in the Fall, so I can sign an apartment lease and figure out my schedule. It’s kinda fun, almost, waiting to hear back from a college. The annoyingness outweighs the fun though. More than anything, I just want to graduate on time (early, perhaps?) and get on with my life. Pay off my loans. Have a big girl job. 
5. Heather//Baseball
Yesterday, Heather and I went and saw a Spring Training game. We watched the Mets vs. Marlins with a couple dozen snowbirds on the berm. We had to google what a ‘berm’ was. It’s the grassy hill that’s only $8, in case you were wondering. It was absolutely glorious outside, 68 degrees with a litttle bit of wind. It’s been too cold all of break to go to the beach, so this was the one time I’ve been out in the sun for more than fifteen minutes, I’m no longer completely transparent. Success. 

It was fantastic. 
6. Jessie//Mexican Food

Jessie got into FSU for the summer, so celebrating was in order. 
We had Rancho Chico for dinner which was deeeelicious. Steak fajitas. You can’t go wrong. 

Then we adventured around town doing miscellaneous things. 

and ended up in this thing: 

In a box truck. More on that later. 
7. Lisa & Lori
I’m really good at coming home and hibernating. Not socializing with anyone, meeting up for lunch, etc. In uncharacteristic Kate fashion, I had lunch with the girls from TBC and got a tour of Lisa’s new house. 

The only two decent pictures I took – but the house is gorgeous. 
We ate at Bonefish Macs and I got to catch up on all the good stuff going on around here, it was really nice to see Lisa and Lori too, I hadn’t seen them since I left for school in August. 
8. Everything Else

Perused Downtown Stuart for an hour or so on Tuesday and saw this in Matilda’s
One of my favorite stores to stop in, everything is ridiculously cute and ridiculously out of my poor college student budget. 
Still cute though. 
Hung out with my cutie Griffin on Wednesday. We played Draw Something back and forth from the iPad and my phone and watched a good amount of Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Then we ate dinosaur chicken nuggets. I included a fine piece of Griffin’s artwork on the right, along with a great example of my spelling skills. Glad I got into college. 

How cute is my Mom and her napkins? 
Was I the only one in elementary school (and middle school… and high school) who got napkins in their lunch that matched the holidays coming up? Mom is good like that. 
Another way Mom is fantastic. Corned beef, cabbage and potatoes for my early St. Patrick’s Day dinner. 

Casual Mullen family photo shoot in the Optical section of BJ’s. 

My cute new ceramic I picked up!