At the end of my last post I mentioned my frustration with getting into the Advertising/Public Relations program here at UCF. So, I applied to UF as a transfer student! It was something that I kept tucked in the back of my mind as an option and yesterday I decided it was time to give it a try. I’m meeting with my advisor today about credits and my graduating tracking. It’s important for me to graduate on time, I’m paying for college with a mix of scholarships, grants, and loans, I don’t want to take out any more loans than I really need to.

I’m the queen of these kind of situations, jump into something that I have no real knowledge of and kind of at the last minute. If I transfer, I have to leave this Fall. There’s no point for me to do anymore schooling at UCF and then transfer, I will have 84 credits after this semester and UF will only accept 60.

Kent is graduating at the end of this semester and going on to do bigger and better things, and that got me thinking. I should do the same. I like Orlando, quite a bit. I don’t want to leave Orlando because of the atmosphere or even the school, I’ve had a great time at UCF. If I can get into the PR program here, I’ll stay here. It’s just about keeping my options open, that’s it.

Ok now I have to get back to paying attention in Astronomy. Jush wanted to do a little update on all that Gainesville nonsense!