Wrote a long delicious blog post today while sitting at the bus stop this afternoon. My Blogger app didn’t see it fit to publish, as it has disappeared from my Drafts folder. Well played, Blogger. You win this time.
I’m laying in bed on a Monday night, my chest ripped open. Figuratively. I’m in the throes of Joyce Carol Oate’s ‘A Widow’s Story’ and its breaking my heart. (Side note: I fell in love with JCO in my junior year of high school when I read ‘Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been’ for my AP English class. She’s remarkable.) I’m a quarter through, and she’s just found her husband of 40+ years, Ray, dead in the hospital. Does it break my heart to read about someone else’s heartbreak? Yes. Does it deepen the wound when I think about the people in my life who I absolutely adore? Tenfold. So, here I am, on a Monday night in the absolute sappiest mood you can ever imagine.
In other news, my sister got her wisdom teeth out this past weekend. Kent and I went to tha Cheesecake Factory to celebrate his cousin, Cory’s, birthday. Heather came and visited from Gainesville. Sat around a bonfire in this uncharacteristic but perfect cold Orlando weather. As of tonight, my apartment has a new rabbit. I’m in the midst of my poetry workshop and trying my very hardest to enjoy the poetry being thrown at me and the lines of mumble I’m cranking out for a grade. I’m a lucky girl, nothing to complain about and everything to give thanks for.
le Kent and le Cory en route to le Cheesecake Factory
(don’t ask me about the ‘le’ thing. I like it. Lemme use it.) 
Prior to Shepard’s Pie. It’s delicious. Just don’t look at the nutrition facts, just don’t. In fact, don’t look at any of the nutrition facts from Cheesecake Factory if you ever want to feel okay ordering anything from their menu ever again. Keep it a secret. You’ll thank me. 
Some fine photography by Kirsten in Marita’s car. 
Caved and spent .99 cents on the app Pocketbooth. 
Can you blame me?! I’m a sucker for photostrips. 
This isn’t anything new. Can we just look at how many points I lost by?! 
How Kent and I spent Sunday. Being lazy in a blanket. 
Sarah’s real puffy cheeks and mine (courtesy of a clean sock)
Our new (nameless) bunny. She’sa dwarf mix and darn cute. 
and of course: the song I’m abusing over and over this week.