I’m not a Valentine’s Day kinda girl. 
I’ve always felt that flowers, chocolate, cute stuff, etc. is more thoughtful on any other day of the year.
 Get flowers randomly on April 25th or get flowers when you’re kind of expecting them on February 14th?
What’s gonna be more satisfying?

All that nonsense aside, I’m making brisket and sweet potatoes tomorrow night
for Kent & I’m pretty dang excited about it.

Tonight, I made meatballs in my beloved Crock Pot.

They were scrumptious. 

Okay, Valentine’s Day and meatballs aside…

Things I Love

1. Kroll Show
Since this Workaholics season is a total dud, (yeah, I said it), the Kroll Show comes on right after as a redeemer. Nick Kroll is perfect. That should say it all… but in case it doesn’t, Kroll Show is a half hour of absolute sketch perfection. Doesn’t hurt that there’s a second season in the works. 
2. Harlem Shake Videos
Maybe it’s because I had legitimate homework to do, or maybe they’re just really entertaining. 
Either way, I’ve watched an unhealthy amount of them and they’re hilarious. 
3. Les Mis Valentines
4. Crying Worthy Stuff

Probably should have given a disclaimer at the beginning of this post.. 
I’m a hormonal princess right now, so this video is hitting the spot. 
5. This Playlist