Today has been a pretty darn good day. Conquered my Statistics test, got an 89 on my Nonfiction Workshop piece and hit the gym all before 3 o’clock today.

(Side note: 89 kills me. Why couldn’t you just give me a 90? Is this some sick form of motivation?)

Currently writing from my Crime in America class on my pretty new iPhone 5. I’ve joined the 21st century and I probably like this expensive piece of technology more than I should.

Weee pretty. 
The whole point of this post is brain juice. Anything that makes you think and challenges you is brain juice. My Astronomy class challenges me, but I wouldn’t consider it brain juice. It has to be interesting, enriching, something that inspires you. My Creative Writing classes definitely qualify. We spent the first fifteen minutes of class yesterday writing a story where each word started with the last letter of the word before it. It was pretty difficult, my story about whales didn’t really turn into Pulitzer Prize material. 
Ten new whales surfaced December really yearning ….

You see what I mean. Without fail, my blog roll on Feedly is brain juice. 
I read a good one yesterday from College Prepster, on how we deal with things that bother us. 
Finally: sweet song that makes me cry. +10 points.