I hate football, I don’t really enjoy football all that much the other 364 days of the year, but I especially hate the Superbowl. Unless I get to make football food. Who doesn’t love football food? So I stretched out a wittle bit of football food over the weekend. Friday night Kent, Griffin, Ryan and I devoured queso. The next day I made pepperoni bread, but tripled, since there were five boys at Kent’s.  I’ve spent today holed up in my room critiquing papers for my workshop tomorrow.

How I feel about the Superbowl. 
I’m cute. 

So: things needed to ignore the Superbowl
– Homework
– Modern Family (TWO EPISODES!)
– Nails in need of painting
– Chicken to be cooked for the week
– Lunch to be made for tomorrow
– Laundry
– Twitter
– Google Reader
– Stephen King novels

Painted ’em purple.
Also: bought that skinny silver band a couple weeks ago and I love it. Its simple and perfect. 

I have enough homework to kill me this week. I have twenty four 2,000 word papers to read, line edit, and write responses to. I have a book to finish by tomorrow for a quiz. I have a test on Friday in Astronomy (remember the time I got a D in that class last year?). I also have my first critique on Friday, which I’m kinda nervous about. I’m okay with taking criticism, I’m not excited about taking a test 10 minutes after it. Much needed sushi kate date will be following that.

Modern Family calls. xo.