Moment of appreciation for MLK, its Monday at 12:36 PM and I’m laying in bed blogging. Since I get to ignore all my classes today I decided to stay up until four in the morning (without internet, mind you). I woke up this morning and my internet was magically working again, so I won’t fight it. 
This past weekend was peeeerfect – Kent’s roommates left for the weekend so we had the house to ourselves, which just means we laid around and watched TV in the living room rather than in his room. It was super nice, regardless. 
Saturday night, we went to Mad Hatter and I (daringly) brought my camera.

It was a gewd time; the bar wants me to come back a couple times a week and take pictures for them! Not sure I want to spend multiple nights a week in the bar taking pictures of wasted girls falling on top of other wasted girls, but its somethin’ to think about. 
I talked to my aunt earlier this week and sent her my resume because… I might be interning in New York City this summer. Weeeeeeeeeee. I keep telling myself to not get excited because theres a possibility it might happen, but theres also a possibility it won’t. But c’mon, I can’t help but be a little bit excited. 
Today has been one of those get up and go go go kinda days, I biked to get my prescriptions and to tha gym, made lunch/dinner, cleaned my room & tha kitchen, did laundry, and here I am! 
See? Lists. Told ya. 
Side note: not having a car is actually kind of refreshing. Not that I ever had a car to be refreshed from.. but biking to Walgreens this morning took all of 30 minutes roundtrip and I got out of my apartment and was in fresh air for more than the 30 second walk to the car. Granted, there are a million times I wish I had a car, but at the end of the day not having one isn’t that big of a deal. Plus, my bike is cute. So there. 
’bout to take a long, hot shower and read a book. 10 points for lazy Mondays.

Lana never gets old :o