My mind works in lists. I make mental lists of everything, I could probably solely post pictures of all the lists I make through a week and you’d know everything I’ve done/thought/need to do for the next few weeks.

So, today I have:

  • Woke up at 6:30 (..what?)
  • Gone to the gym
  • Eaten breakfast
  • Made myself lunch for school
  • Uploaded pictures from last night
  • Organized all my school notes
  • Uploaded my notetaker application
  • Made an appointment for my flu shot
Things I have to do today: 
  • Class until 2:20
  • Observatory at 7
  • Write my first draft for Creative Writing
  • Paint my toes
  • Clean my bathroom
  • Buy Draino
  • Go to Walgreens
  • Convince Kent to get a flu shot wif me
Things worth mentioning:
  • Yesterday, I wore a skirt. It was one of those ‘I bought this cause I thought it was cute but I can’t figure out how to wear it so it sits in my closet for 6 months’ kind of purchase. I finally wore it yesterday and my roommates applauded me.
  • I made the Red Lobster Biscuits that I stare at on Pinterest all the time. So. Darn. Good.

  • There is a difference between drinking a beer while watching football and drinking a beer (or four). I usually avoid any sort of drinking mentions on my blog because I fear some potential employer will read it in the future, but its worth mentioning because its time I give up drinking. I don’t really enjoy it, I don’t do myself any favors by doing it, and I don’t portray myself in a way I want people to see me when I do it. So, there. Thats that.

    Also very important: I have cute, cute, cute friends. 
    Since I said ‘cute’ three times, you know I’m serious about it. 


    I can’t stop listening to Van Morrison. What mood can’t Van fix?!