I have a problem. I love (lovelovelove) to online shop. I can sit in bed in my flannel pants and buy cute clothes and have them delivered to my mailbox.. whats not to love? Anyway, I found this monogrammed sweatshirt on Etsy a few weeks ago and I impulsively ordered one.

LOOK AT IT! ITS PERFECT! + so very very soft. 
Southern Prep Co. sells these and a lot of other cute monogrammed items. 
I wore it to class last night and when I found out class was cancelled, I curled up in Barnes and Noble for two hours and read books on Jeffrey Dahmer (that detail doesn’t really work with my ‘cozy’ idea.. but whatever).
Today is too much to think about when I’m warm and toasty in bed. I have to go get my flu shot (eeeeek), apply for a job at my apartment complex, get my glasses fixed, kill some trees, do two workouts (I was lazy yesterday) and then go to class. READYSETGO! xo 
also: I had my thousandth blog view yesterday/today. Who are you people reading my blog? SHOW YOURSELVES!