Its Sunday, which means I’m in my comfiest robe, post-shower, in bed, reading all my blogs. A couple weeks (months? Who knows?) ago I posted all my favorites. They sit and wait in my Google Reader for Sunday and then I devour all their posts and they make happier than slightly undercooked brownies straight out tha oven.

This past week has been an up and down week for me, I was not in a constant mood for longer than a few hours. I was happy about this. But then I was pissed off about this. But then I was excited about this. I was all over the place. This weekend was a much needed lazy weekend to get me back on track + focused the upcoming week.

Lindsey’s boyfriend Jeff was in town this weekend, so Friday night we went and scooped up Kent and we all hung out. I woke up shockingly early and decided it was the day for crock pot recipes. I made this recipe. It was killer. Side note: boys are intimidated by Crock Pots and their simplicity. I put the buffalo sauce, ranch packet, and chicken in and put the lid on, and then walked away. Kent kinda stood there and looked at me funny. “Thats it?” Crock pots are beautiful, beautiful things. So the boy and I laid around all day, watched gory forensic shows (my favorite), and napped all day long. It. Was. Perfect.

sleepy sleepy sreepy cute boyfriend
Kenzie came over on Saturday night and we spent the night laying in bed eating Oreos and trail mix. We’re real winners. Redeeming part of the story: we went to the Leu Gardens on Sunday afternoon 
and went on a camera spreeee! (Did I mention I got my new lens in the mail this week?!) 
Photo bomb following is from our adventure. 
ok so this isn’t a garden, but tell me the left ad isn’t ridiculous? I hate America sometimes. 

So. As I said. Perfect weekend to make me feel human again :) 
favz this week:
PS. Hi Kent, if you actually got to the end of this post, I’m both surprised and pwoud.