Every Christmas Day for as long as I can remember, my Dad talks about his parents. When my parents met, my Grandpa & Grandma Mullen had died years earlier, so when my Dad talks about them all I can do is put the name to an old photograph. In fact, I don’t really know what to call them, so Grandpa & Grandma Mullen will do. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned any of my grandparents, so today is tha day.

My Dad is in the right picture & is in the striped shirt on the left. 
My Dad’s father died on Christmas Day, 1983. 
My Dad’s mother died less than a year later, December 21st, 1984. 
Technically, she had leukemia – but my Dad swears that when my Grandpa 
died she lost her best friend and her will to live, and she died of a broken heart. 
Their gravestones have their names, and my Grandma’s has a pickle on it and my Grandpa’s 
has a dove, because their nicknames for each other were ‘Dove’ and ‘Dill Pickle’… 
try and tell me thats not adorable. 

Dad & his brother Bo in their snazzy Yankee jackets.. but more importantly, the wallpaper. Ugh. 
Hope erryone had a wonderful Christmas and got to spend it with their families :)