Updated list of the blogs that I read daily & give me all kindsa inspiration and warm feelings :)

College Prepster
One of my absolute favorite blogs. I’ve read her blog for awhile now, and I’ve followed her from Georgetown to New York City. She updates constantly & the way she writes is easy to read and super relatable.

E Tells Tales
My absolute favorite blog to read. When I open up my Google Reader & see that theres an update from her blog I literally do a little dance. If she’s not updating about her super cute baby, she’s posting what she taught her middle/high school English class, or posting pictures of her ridiculously cute Etsy store. Read her blog. Please, for me.

Little Baby Garvin
I found this blog through Pinterest. Every month of her pregnancy, Jessica put up a picture of a chalkboard (decorated creatively by her!) updating her friends/family on her pregnancy. Her holiday cheer is literally contagious, I read her blog and it just pumps me up for whatever holiday is coming up. She’s got a cute new house, new baby, and a newly redone blog. Read her blog, too. Hehehe.

tales of me and the husband
The perfect balance of posts about her family & surprisingly deep ones about her faith, personal experiences and worries. She married her college professor and is raising his two children and their son Parker. Easy to read & writes about a huge range of topics… read her blog too. Noticing a trend..?

Happy readz y’all