Remember how the last time I posted… I was in the bathtub? With all my electronics? My phone included? That phone – may she rest in peace – is no longer with us :'(. I’ve downgraded to Libby’s ancient phone until my contract is up in a month and then I can join the 21st century again with a phone that lets me send group texts ._.

I’m home now, I left Orlando on Wednesday morning. I’m currently laying in a twin sized bed five feet away from my little sister. I’m ready for all my friends to come home and hang out with me, since I’ve read three books out of boredom in their absence. Good books though!

The Lucky One – Nicholas Sparks
Salem Falls – Jodi Picoult
Something Borrowed – Emily Griffin

Nothing else exciting to report. My grades aren’t up yet – so I have nothing to get excited/depressed about for a little while ;) xoxo!