Currently blogging from my bathtub. My feet hurt so and I’m procrastinating my two exams I have to study for… so why not take a bath? Better yet – why not use my time constructively in the bath. So, here I am. 
Quick weekend recap: 
Friday was Lindsey’s birthday, so we were gonna hang out at tha apartment & then head to Devaney’s. 
Long story short – Devaney’s didn’t happen. We got there and the line was longer than it was worth, so we came back home. Kenzie and I went to Kent’s and hung out wif tha boys there for the rest of the night. 

Saturday Kent & I were the ultimate lazy. Like… super lazy.
Neither of us went outside all day yesterday.

Heres Kent at 3 this morning playing Bioshock. I read my books & played sudoku all day and then we ordered pineapple and bacon pizza. It was tha best day ever.

Now I’m sitting in the bath soaking my feet ’cause I walked home this afternoon barefoot (the alternative was four inch wedges – no thanks). I have an advertising final and a digital media final to study for… eventually.