Sitting at the bus stop waiting for my shuttle. Took and conquered my PR exam this morning and now I just have Advertising and Digital Media on Tuesday.

It’s crazy to think it’s December 6th, this whole semester has flown by. Four months have come and gone so fast and so much has happened, its weird to reflect on.

I’m almost finished with The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks, it’s the first book I’ve read in awhile and naturally I started it when I had exams and studying to be doing ._.

Now I’m going to go back to sitting in the hot Florida heat waiting for my bus to come and take me home so I can go for a run and take a nap… Which I need because I woke up at 6 this morning and fell asleep again (after my alarm, might I add) and woke up at 9:46 when my exam was at 10. Shout out to Kiki, the best roommate ever for rolling out of bed to rush me to my exam. Ok thas it. Bye!