I used to work on Sundays, I had 12-4 shift at Jimmy Johns that I ended up giving away. One of my better decisions – Sundays should be lazy. Except for this Sunday, since exam week is creeepin’ up on me. Tonight I have to tackle a mass amount of Public Relations reading/review so I can get that outta my way. 
Friday night, we had Tequila Friday at our apartment. 
Basically, we buy tequila and our friends come over. 

Through the whole night theres probably a total of 8 pictures that I end up in. 
This is because I fell asleep at 11:30. 
I know. I KNOW. I’m super lame. Really lame. 
From the festivities I slept through, it looks like everyone had a fantastic time. 

So upon waking up at 6:30 the next morning, I adventured over to Kent’s bright and early and spent the day there being lazylazylazy. I ended up back at my apartment around 5, hung out with Lindsey and Ian for a little while and then had the quietest Saturday night in history. 
I showered, got in my comfiest pajamas, and watched the Notebook. I even popped popcorn. 
My favorite scene in the entire movie. 
Now, I have to go be productive.
But first… I’m obsessed with Lana del Rey.
Its all I’ve listened to for days.