Laying in bed feels especially good on Saturday. Its like you have a little extra reason to be lazy + enjoy the warm bed in a cold apartment.

Since its the first of December, I thought I’d challenge myself to blog something everyday in the month of December. I’m a pro at throwing up pictures from the last week and a half, but not so skilled at making time to sit (or lie) down and reflect on what’s going on.

The year is almost over (wait, what?) and I’m very happy to say that I am in a 100% better place than where I was in January. My life has gotten so much fuller and positive, I feel like I have more to share and write about now.

I have exam week coming up, and then in the middle of the month I head home for my winter break. Side note on going home: I went home multiple weekends a month last year (dating someone who lives in your parent’s neighborhood will do that to ya), but now that my visits are more spread out, I enjoy them more. My parents are more excited to see me, I have more to catch up on, etc. Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to being home for a couple weeks for some relaxing and decompressing.

Thas all for now, comfy bed calls me.