since I’ve posted anything. Just finished up two tests this morning and exam week starts Monday, so I haven’t had a whole lot of time that wasn’t devoted to sleep, studying or Tetris. 
Our new doormat. Weeeeee. 

Went to a bar with some of my work frands to see Angel sing, definitely a good choice. 
& then there was Thanksgiving Break. I saw my beloved HB after MONTHS of separation. 

 I walked in the door and Mom was making pie. 

& much to my relief, Libby was just as attractive and charming as I remembered. 
The next mornin’ we went and took some Christmas card pictures. 
(Libby was super excited to use my camera… as you can tell)
My absolute favorite from the entire day, Mom is the bomb. 

Mom made more pie. I love being home. 
We went to Thanksgiving at the Saccavino’s & it was delicious and quite fun.