Things I should be doing: Advertising test study guide
Things I’m not doing: Advertising test study guide
Sitting on the couch being unproductive: 
hi :)
I feel like I have time to sit down and blog for the first time in awhile… busybusybusy. 
This past weekend I went home for a day + a half to see my family.
I got home Thursday night and went to go see my sister’s band practice
They were having their final practice before Crown Jewel… aka my least favorite competition. 
Lib is obviously ecstatic to be hanging out with me
 I spent my day on Friday trying to find my sister a Halloween costume
We settled on Black Swan. 
She did the top + her hair piece all by herself too, my sissy is so creative :’)
Saturday.. Lib and I went on a pumpkin adventure

and visited my Momma at work :)  

Picked up two pumpkins for Kent + I to carve, which we’re doing tonight. I’m excited :) 
Headed back to Orlando on Saturday afternoon, spent the night with KB being lazy. 
Sunday I worked  + Monday brought more work with it. 
Finally in the gym again + feeling exponentially better after only a couple days back, 
I think we’re going to kickboxing tonight :o 
After a quick gym sesh and class, we went to Devaney’s for Ladies Night

Ugh… they’re perfect.
Playlist of tha week: