Hi :)
Whenever I start a new blog post, I have to backtrack and figure out what I’ve been doing since 
I last posted. I open up Evernote + download all the pictures I’ve Instagramed, re-read my tweets 
+ look at my Facebook and attempt to figure out how I’ve been spending/wasting my time. 
Highlights of the past week: 
My friend Josh took me on a camera adventure on Wednesday to Splendid China. 
It was a theme park opened in 1993 by the Chinese government, but it shut down in 2003 and 
has since been abandoned, which makes for a perfect place to take photos. We parked in a neighborhood close by and snuck our way inside. Josh hopped a fence and I squeeeezed 
between some gates (wearing a dress prohibits fence jumping y’all.)
We went for a couple of reasons. Josh wanted to take photos + I wanted to buy his camera/learn 
how to use it. We managed to accomplish both without being raped/murdered/tortured by drug lords. (Seriously – the girl who recommended the place said she walked in on a huge drug deal the 
last time she was there.) I’m a total baby about anything slightly iffy, so naturally I was in a 
constant state of peril the entire time we were there. 
This wasn’t helping. 

“love + chicken grease”
We got outta there before sundown (creeeeepy) and headed Downtown. I learned about using 
different shutter speeds and all that nonsense and managed to get some alright shots of Lake Eola. 
I’d never been Downtown so I loved walking around and people watching for a little while. 
I came home all excited about my camera + attacked everyone with it. 
hi Kirsten
hi Lindseeeey
hi Kent

highlight number two: MY BIRTHDAY IS A MONTH AWAAAAY!
ok so, when my little ‘run around and make unhealthy food’ thing was happening, 
I was totally rejoicing because my birthday is in close proximity! I really don’t have 
anything to celebrate about being 20 – nothing great happens. I’m another year closer
to being able to buy my own damn beer, but thats still 365 days away ;(

un-highlight of the week #3
This cute picture of eggs is actually really depressing. 
Kent’s roommate Clay used them for his video homework… 
which I should have been doing… 
but I missed a test in the class last week… 
which I can’t make up… 
so I have to withdraw from the class. 
I suck.
To conclude this happy/miserably disappointing post: 
my favs this weeeek