I swear to God it was October 1st… yesterday. I don’t know where the past week has gone. 
Today: I worked at the JJ for a couple of hours, found out I have a test tomorrow in a class I haven’t been to in two weeks (sorry Mom + Dad), and now I’m sitting on the papasan chair debating doing my homework/studying or going on a camera adventure. The kid just texted me telling me he found an abandoned theme park… I think I have to go. 
Yesterday: Went on a giiiirl date with my rooms. Spent the morning being lazy/studying/watching football with Kent + then the four of us went to Petland and played with the cutest golden retriever ever. Then we saw Pitch Perfect, which I was surprised with how much I liked it. I kinda only wanted to see it for Adam Devine but the rest of it was pretty cute too. 
This weekend: TAILGATTTTTING. My favorite hobby. Can that be a hobby? It is now. 
Always lock the door, Lindsey. 
Stole all these from the darling Josh Hiller. 

After all that tailgating nonsense + a little recovery, we went to Devaney’s on Saturday night.

Totally biased, but my rooms are hot.
The Sanity Playlist: