Lazy kinda Tuesday night that I love. I’m sitting on the couch:
Listening to come quality music, catching up on some homework & my favorite blogs. 
(and online shopping but maybe if I don’t say it out loud I don’t have a serious problem)

Allow me to briefly recap the general happenings in my life: 
Last Friday we went to Devaney’s as per usual & it was just fine. 
Hahahahaha – so perfect. 

Earlier in the week (I’m going out of order – SORRY)
Moe had her first IM Football game.. so Kirsten and I being the darling roommates that we are, 
had to attend and cheer. The IM rules are so sexist – if a girl gets a touchdown its 9 points 
vs. the usual 7 for a guy who makes the play. 

Not sure if they won or lost… its the thought that counts right? 
Today – I woke up and my hair was all over the place
so I braided it and put on real girl clothes (a dress) and went to class. 
I guess I didn’t feel like smiling in the picture?
But most importantly!! I’m going home this weekend to see my family. 
yeah yeah yeah I just saw ’em but they’re adorable and I miss them! 
I’ve been in a funk the last week and I know a quick trip home will shake it off. 
Also very important:
Whats been keeping me sane recently
Samson – Regina Spektor
Sister – Dave Matthews
Quiet Your Mind – Zac Brown Band
Not the liveliest bunch of songs.. but just what I needed this week.