Starting to get into my semester, my first two tests are both tomorrow (eep) and I’m yet to start studying.  Finally got my PR book in the mail and my external hard drive…
Begin Public Service Announcment: Practice Safe Back Up
Everyone and their Momma should have an external hard drive. Just because your computer is new, doesn’t mean it won’t completely die on you. I bought my Macbook Pro the end of my Senior year of high school. In May of 2011, I caught nasty nasty nasty viral meningitis and spent weeks in bed. Halfway through that miserable time in my life, my computer had a “kernel panic.” What does that mean? It means my computer, two months old, was completely fried and I lost all my files. Precious pictures, music, and all my school work. I venture to the Apple Store on the verge of dying, probably hadn’t showered that day, and was helped by the most helpful Genius named Mike. He got me a brand new computer and I was back home an hour and a half later. 
Great, yeah? 
I start my semester at UCF. I do all my notes through Evernote, one of my favorite apps on my computer. Late September, I head home to see my family. I boot up my computer Saturday night, and my computer won’t start. I sit at the grey screen with an apple for an hour. I freak out and call a guy I worked who was a computer genius. We sit on the phone and try everything under the sun. Later, I pronounce my second Macbook dead. I venture to the Apple store Sunday morning in hopes of restoring my darling computer back to life. I get to the store and I see the same glorious Genius Mike who helped me last time. After reassuring me that this rarely happens once, almost never twice, he takes my computer and promises to overnight it to me at school by Tuesday. 
Great, yeah?
I get a call Wednesday morning, a full 24 hours after I’m supposed to have my computer already, and they let me know I can come pick up my computer when I have time. BACK UP NOW, GENIUS. I kind of freak out. In my defense, being in college without a computer is hell. No, I’m not talking about being able to Facebook and play Plants vs. Zombies. My Astronomy class and my Spanish class both had online components due every week, I couldn’t type up assignments for my Student Success course, couldn’t print anything & I couldn’t Skype my darling family & boyfriend. Plus… I’m sure I’m not the only student out there who feels naked without their computer/lifeline. After veeeery explicitly telling this Genius that the computer was going to be over nighted to me and in my hands in 24 hours, they tell me they couldn’t save any of my files.
For the second time.
This, ladies and gentlemen, is why you need an external hard drive.
 Save yourself the agony of loosing all your files & back up! 
Another huge perk of Evernote, is the auto sync. If you create a free account, your notes are automatically saved to their website, so you can access your notes anywhere. 
I sync my Instagram up to my Evernote so I have a back up of all my pictures, too! 
Back up, my frands.