Hi frands! Hard to believe yesterday was my baby sister’s 14th birthday and I’ve been at UCF for almost a month now. I type to you as I sit in my Fundamentals of Video class, the absolute slowest and most boring class I’ve dealt with so far at UCF.
Work is going swell, classes are going swell, and last week it kinda seemed like we were hit by a swell. (Corny…?) Tropical Storm/Hurricane/Whatever it was Isaac came through last week and it was very, very, very wet. I enjoyed walking home from work in the rain on a couple occasions last week. 
Marita’s birthday sandwich survived the rain. Weeeee.
Last week kinda went by without any major occurrences. 
Other than being sick, I’m kinda just going through day by day gettin’ my stuff done. 
I sorta lied, I do have one exciting thing to report. 
I’m the proud owner of a waffle maker. 
Small deal to anyone else, but I saw a whole bunch of stuff on Pinterest using waffle makers and I have wanted one ever since. Pictured above is good ole’ waffles ‘n blueberries, BUT I’ve made hashbrowns in my waffle maker and smashed tortillas to toast ’em. But it doesn’t stop there, you can make brownies, cookies, or use it like a panini press. Think outside tha box my frands! 
This past weekend Kirsten & Lindsey (my two rooms), went home for the weekend. This left Marita and I alone to our own devices which is both fun and dangerous. We spent Saturday in the pool.
Not pictured: Three story beer bong. 
Pictured: Three story beer bong. 
Our apartment complex had a hurricane pool party & we kinda had to go. I conquered waffles, blueberries, bacon, and hash browns for breakfast, grabbed a couple of friends and went to the pool. Marita and I had lime-a-ritas from a can. They were as iffy tasting as they sound. 
Fast forward six hours and a disco nap. 
Marita and I have regained our darling personalities and we go to a party. Party was fine. Party was nice. Party was fun. We went 3-1 in beer pong which is UNHEARD of. I am the world’s worst beer pong player, it has quite a bit to do with my terrible spatial reasoning.
The best thing about said party was a kitty. Moe was catching my gross sickness and was feeling kinda gross towards 1 AM. We step outside to enjoy fresh air and partake in a walk. End of walk, we see this stray cat. Earlier in the week I found a bunch of stray kittens at Publix that ran away from me like I had the plague. So when this cat walked right up to me and loved on my legs I was smitten. Smitten with the kitten. (Yes. Corny.) 
Cat kinda looks good next to my bag, dontcha think?
Moe and I pick up our things & head back to the party. THE CAT COMES WITH ME! I am at the door of the house about to walk back inside and THE CAT COMES WITH ME! Many factors played into my elation, but it was mainly fueled by my love for cats. End of the story. 
Heres a cute picture of my room’s hedgehog, Sunny, to help you 
feel better about reading my pointless cat story. 
The next morning my family comes up. 
They come up ’cause we’re going to DISNEY!
Cue happy music.
My aunt, uncle & two cousins from Georgia are Disney fanatics. Really, they put my family’s Disney love to shame. They go to Disney for two weeks straight and really soak up all the Disney glory. 
Libby (baby sister) turned 14 on Monday
 + long Labor Day weekend 
+ extended family already at Disney 
= Spontaneous Disney Trip!
Side note: How funny is it that my Mom was in labor on Labor Day?
After making waffles for breakfast (naturally), we were on our way to Disney/Land of Happiness. 
We switched it up and stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge this trip.
We Mullen’s are creatures of habit. We usually stay at Port Orleans.. so this is a big deal y’all.
Libby is literally foaming at the mouth she is so excited.

Two things to know about Libby:

1. She is probably (definitely) insane.
2. She loves all things Disney.
Lib is freakin’ out and happy. We check in and head to our room. I turn around and see this: 
C’mon. She is adorable.
We venture outdoors & see the animals and stuff.
Giraffe. Right outside our hotel room window… Quite nifty.
Kate, Sarah & Libby: Disoriented.
The Mullens go to the Gift Shop. 
Libby’s face is hilarious.
Cirque de Soleil masks are fitting becauuuuse..
Yes – thats my sister with her butt touching her head and my Dad doing splits in white pants.
Neither would happen in real life. Thank you, Photoshop.
We’ll be back at Disney in a month. I told you, we can’t stay away!
Outside Raglan Road waitin’ the hour wait for dinner.
Waiting for dinner makes for fabulous photo ops. 
At dinner, I gave my Dad his 65th birthday present I’ve been working on for a couple months, I’ll write about it in a separate post, so thats all for now!
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