Its hard to think I’ve been in Orlando for a week already… with so much going on I feel like I’ve crammed two weeks of activities into one week. I started classes (and totally skipped one – accidentally), got settled in the apartment, bought books, worked a bit & I’m currently in the process of finding a bike!

My classes are going swimmingly. Tuesday, I have my Public Relations class, followed by Intro to Advertising and later in the evening I have Intro to Digital Media and Video Fundamentals of Digital Media. Since its Syllabus Week, we got let out from Public Relations really early, so I killed time in Barnes and Noble reading a new Steven King book. The book is good – but I liked this quote I found in the front even better. 
Fast forward a few hours, I’m back on campus to go to my Intro to Digital Media class. It goes awesome – and I go home. Unknown at the time, I’m skipping my final class. Oops. My online schedule doesn’t show classes past 6, unless you choose that option. Double oops. 
I retreat to my apartment and read this book. I’ve been meaning to read it forever, but I’m just now getting into it. Its well written and an easy read, definitely worth checking out.
We gave the hedgehog a bath… she was much nicer this week than usual.
Found this at Publix one night. The owner saw us poking our heads in and peeking around.. and offered it to me for $1,500. Its not practical… but that didn’t stop me from freaking out and getting all excited over a car I will never have (or be able to drive.) I called my Dad to report my exciting new discovery and he reminded me I smashed in the front end of his car a couple months ago. Oh yeah. Oops.
We also found that our Publix has a Make Your Own 6-Pack option. 
I had my first week back at Jimmy Johns. Its as lovely as I left it. Friday morning I got to sample sandwiches at a freshman field day event. People are much friendlier when you’re offering them free sandwiches. 
Saturday morning I jogged from my apartment to D’s house. 
This is a huge deal because I’m 
(a.) incredibly lazy and usually unmotivated 
(b.) We got home from Devaney’s around 2 AM 
Ten points for awesome scanning skills!
Heres a picture of Jess, myself & HB making quality life choices at Dev’s. 
(c.) Our houses are 5.9 miles away. While people in third world countries have to walk eight times that for a drop of water… its still really far for cardio-avoiding Kate. 
Anyway, I wake up at 7 AM and my body is like “Hey! Remember last night when you drank a day’s worth of calories? Lets go sweat it off! Yeah! No sleep! Run! Sweat! Yay!” 
I was powerless. I had to go. 
Along the way I found a few pretty things that were worthy of stopping for a quick photogrape. These purple berries fall into that category.
I kinda had to take a picture of this, too.
When you drive everywhere you miss a lot of stuff that you’re usually speeding by. I passed a couple super cute parks, neighborhoods and super delicious lookin’ restaurants that I hadn’t seen before although I’d passed them a couple dozen times before. 
It was an excellent choice to go for a 6 mile run this morning, becaaauuuuse I had fondue for dinner. Its Marita’s birthday weekend, so tonight we (Marita, Jess, HB, Savannah, Kiki and I) went to dinner. We settled on Colorado Fondue Company which wasn’t too far from UCF and TOTALLY delicious. 
Side note: If my delicious story telling makes you want to try Colorado Fondue Co. make sure to make a reservation. We were lucky enough to squeeze in with seven people and no reservation. Oops. 
Kirsten, Marita (looking dreamily at something..?) and Savannah waitin’ for dinner.
Non-candid waiting for dinner photo. 
I was too busy eating Cream of Portabello soup, Swiss and Havarti cheese fondue, steak, veggies, and Kahlua chocolate fondue to take pictures. I’m sorry. I didn’t know how to handle the amount of delicious food in front of me and take pictures at the same time. You’ll just have to experience it for yourself. 
We got soup, cheese fondue and dessert for $28. 
Thankfully, my girl Sav took a picture of her steak cooking.
This was seriously the coolest thing. They brought you your raw steak (or chicken, shrimp, whatever you want) and a 700 degree block. You then put your meat on and it cooks. Right. In. Front. Of. You. They had some super scrumptious mustard, dill, and spicy dips to go with it. It was a really cool thing to do with a whole bunch of people, we had three different cheese fondues, all different kinds of meat, and two chocolate fondues (Kahlua and Cookies and Cream. You can’t loose.). Definitely the most fun I’ve had eating/making dinner in awhile. 
Now I’m sitting on the chair in my living room while Jessie plays Plants vs. Zombies for the 100th hour this weekend. Everyone else has succumbed to the food coma. 
I’ll leave you with this “artistic” picture HB took when she attacked me with my Polaroid.
You’re welcome.