Weeee I’m all moved in! So good to be home and not living out of boxes and hallway closets. 

Photo bomb in 3… 2… 1…
The girls I’m living with, Kirsten (kiki), Marita (moe), & Lindsey. 
Nicknames included because when I refer to ‘Moe’ people assume I’m talking about an old guy.
Obviously.. they’re role models. 
Ten points for mood lighting? 
These are above my bed. 
The whole thing, including one I did for David’s apartment, cost me $10.60. 
I found the Explore the Universe print (my favorite) on Pinterest and went nuts. Printed them out & bought ten certificate frames from Dollar Tree. Voila! Wall art on tha cheap. 
No apartment is complete without kitten measuring cups. 
I really need a big girl camera. 
Maybe my favorite decoration.
Messy desk with my messy bulletin board.
My messy bed. Without pillows. Crucial thing to forget, Mom. 
The living room. Budweiser decor courtesy of Kiki’s dad. (He understands us)
We’re living in a 4/4 thats literally right across from campus. 
Really convenient because I don’t have a car :) 
I’m sitting in bed and I feel like I’m relaxing for the first time in a few days. 

Move-in Day Fiasco

Kirsten and I were up in Orlando for rush week, so I haven’t had a bed or a space of my own in over a week. We moved in on Saturday, the 18th. Our move in time was 1 o’clock, but we decided to get there early, just in case. We left our temporary place around 8:30, got to the apartment around 9… and found a line. A long one. We sat in line for an hour, my parents (after getting lost), showed up, we met up with Lindsey and her momma, and waited some more. Four hours later, we finally get to the front of the line to find we have to sign in, and wait LONGER! Within half an hour, we sign our release forms for our keys and we’re on our way.

I’m totally smitten. My parents are already up in my room, unloading some of my 8,317 boxes. We get everything situated… and I realize there aren’t any pillows on my bed. Last year, I forgot my laptop at home. Oops. Luckily, David was heading up the same day and brought it to me. But pillows? My momma packed my bedding off the bed in my sister’s bed, HOW DO YOU MISS PILLOWS!!? Other than that, I’m all moved in and situated and IN LOVE. Very happy.

I start back at Jimmy Johns tomorrow and my classes start up on Tuesday.

Weeeee so excited!
One last thing.. my friend Andy uploaded this to Instagram and I literally melted into a puddle when I read it. I sent it to my mom, and she said I stayed home sick from school in kindergarten and Andy called to make sure I was okay. So. Cute. As for the heart inside the word ‘love’… I don’t know. 
More later xxx 

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