Its Wednesday, so you might be wondering how you can recap Rush Week when its only half done.

Disclaimer: Rush Week is something that varies greatly from campus to campus. I’m not here to talk badly about Greek life, I think its something that hugely improves college for a lot of people. I’m just here to tell my experience. Thas all.

Our Rush Week ran from Monday to Saturday, Monday being a introductory meeting sorta thing and ending on Saturday with Bid Day. I sat through the meeting, met my Rho Gamma & my rho gam group. The RGs put on skits showing us what to wear, how to act, and what to expect.

Rushing as a sophomore was a huge advantage. I know my schedule, how to handle college classes, and what to expect for my semester. Girls were freaking out about it, but I have plenty of friends who have rushed as sophomores and joined sororities they adored.

Thats me!

Monday starts with me and my RG group at our first party, the first of eleven in the 100 degree Florida heat. I’m first in line alphabetically, so I’m singing their song, waiting, wishing for air conditioning and then the doors swing open. Over a hundred girls are singing. Very loudly. Switching One Direction songs with their sorority names. Even though its easily a hundred degrees I’m frozen solid until I’m brought back to reality by a girl vigorously waving at me with a big toothy smile. I walk into the back of a room and instantly I’m in the most awkward conversation of my entire life and the room is so loud this girl is legitimately screaming at me and I can’t hear her.

That said – it was still kinda fun. Weird. But fun. As one of the girls I met puts it, “If it doesn’t feel like you’re hitting on her, you’re doing it wrong.”

We moved on to ten more houses. Each conversation slightly sweatier than the other and by the end of the day I was so dead, dead, dead tired that I barely made it through a shower and getting into my pajamas. I spent the day standing in the front of the line, having house after house greet me with clever songs and blotting my face with a coffee filter. At the end of the day, you vote your top eight houses and rate the remaining three from one to three. I did my voting, Kirsten and I grabbed Kyoto for dinner and passed out hard.

Tuesday morning comes waaay to early. I meet my RG and I have seven parties and one break. Girls are crying because they didn’t get called back to the ones they like. Its super ridiculous hot and there are girls sinking into the grass with their heels and I’m kiiinda having a hard time taking this seriously. I go back to six houses and skip one that I couldn’t stand and the days over before I realize it. We spent longer in each house, watched their philanthropy videos and got a tour of the house. Some of the houses were insane. Gorgeous. Its overwhelming at times, but its fun. You vote again, choosing six houses and rating the remaining first or second. Like I said, kinda fun.

As fun as it is, in the back of my mind every time I couldn’t shake how superficial the whole thing is. I couldn’t grasp how girls who came across as so genuine and kind to me transformed into people pleasing, girl flirting, drones. Legit, the girl I sat next to in Tri Delta said “Bless your heart” over six times. SIX. TIMES. These are girls who are easy to get along with as is, but they feel the need to over compensate. Say the things they think are right, laugh at the right jokes and not touch on the wrong topics. Its stupid. I knew by the end of the day on Tuesday that I wouldn’t join a sorority. I’d have fun with the week, but not to join.

Example: There was a sorority I visited the first day that I wasn’t crazy about. I got called back again on Tuesday, but I skipped the party and grabbed some lunch instead. Wednesday morning, they had called me back. I skipped your party! Totally blew you off! You still want me to come and join your group of girls? Thats genuine. Is it a numbers game, where you have to meet a quota and you’ll call back a bunch of girls hoping that if you call back enough, some are bound to join? Like I said – hard to take seriously.

Wednesday comes around and I’m called back to five sororities that I like, that I’d be fine visiting again, and I’m having fun. I’m in line for tri delt and I get a text from Kiki who wasn’t thrilled about the sororities that called her back and we left. Simple as that. Actually, we went to Jimmy Johns and had a sandwich for breakfast.

There is so much thats more important to me than trying to impress a bunch of girls and paying a gross amount of money to join a group of girls. I’m not bashing the dues, the pin fee, the parlor fee, whatever all that money goes towards. I found it hard to take it seriously, its awesome for some girls but I was just tired by the end of the second day and happy to go home. I won’t even touch on the awkward phone call I got from my rho gamma asking where I was. Oops. Instead, we left and went to Petland and played with these adorable French bulldogs.

Aaaaand then we crafted. 
I’m kinda bummed I don’t have any photos of the week to post, I’ll have to throw a couple in later on. 
I’ll post more as it comes to me, right now I have a date with the first season of One Tree Hill. 

PS. Apartment move in SATURDAY!!