I’m back to Orlando on Monday – and I’m in a frenzy getting everything ready to go back. School supply shopping is sacred to me, I look forward to it every August. So, in lieu of supplies, shopping & my sophomore year… I give you: the Necessities!

1. Planner

You can’t function without a planner. Well, maybe you can. I, however, cannot. I’ve used a whole bunch of different planners, but hands down, this is my favorite

2. Pens

Call me crazy, but the wrong pen can totally throw off my note taking, homework, and the way my planner looks. Maybe I am crazy, or maybe its just my OCD shining through. I like pens that’re inky and that’re clicky pens… ’cause the inside of my purse doesn’t need to look like a preschool scribble. I gotta have black and blue, and then a felt tip pen for the headings of my notes. I like these. And these. 

3. Decorations

The majority of dorms are… well… dormy. Bland. White. Boring. 

You’ll need pictures. Walgreens and CVS both run specials weekly for printing 4×6 prints for pennies. Check ’em out here & here! String ’em up on a cord with some clothespins. Stop  by the dollar store and snag some cheap frames and find some prints you like on Pinterest.

Bam. Nine pictures for my wall & a Star Wars one for Davey’s new apartment. 
All for 10.60. Thank you Dolla Tree!

4. Organization

A lotta stuff. Not a lotta space. You need bins. It’ll make your curtain-less closet look nicer. Your fake wood dresser/desk look a little more like home. Check out PB Teen, Target, and the Container Store.  Cute cute cute cute. 
Moving into my apartment in one week.. so exciiited!